Why Us

Well trained and professional support staffs

A trained and supportive support staff means a number of things. It means that our staffs are highly confident in their job roles. They are proactive and productive. Our training has instilled in them the ability to handle any situation with ease. Due to our training, our staff is extremely motivated to help you. They get high doses of self-satisfaction when they solve problems troubling you on your journey. Time and again, we have noticed that this self-satisfaction works to boost their capabilities and they are at ease when dealing with different kinds of travelers.

Regular training and team participation for developing the skills of staffs

In tourism, staff interactions are the foundation of a good business and we do not take this for granted. Our training facilities provided for our staff means that they get training that further build on their job capabilities. They also develop some crucial skills which include soft skills such as communication, companionship, cultural sensitization, and more. All these skills are practiced to make sure that you have an easy and comfortable interaction with our staff.

Engaging skilled and experienced staffs

These skills have enabled our staff to have a high degree of competency and flexibility which means that they are more present for your traveling needs. The interactions are helpful and productive. The staff adjusts to the level of expertise you need, either it is being your companion, service provider or a guide; we change roles to suit you and your experience along the journey.

Local and authentic people enrollment in the business

Our staff and partnerships are always built keeping authenticity in mind. We make use of the abundant knowledge and local workforce we have and hire them to be a part of the team. Additionally, we try to use as many local businesses in our itinerary to create a wave of support that strengthens their establishment.

Provide best-valued service

We understand that travelers come with different needs, which is why our packages are developed with the intent of providing the best value. These values are in terms of price points, versatility, authenticity, and staff interactions. We provide the kind of value that cannot be imitated and this we go through extensive research, understanding customer feedback, and improving ourselves with each feedback.

High care in Safety and Security

Traveling to the rural parts of the country could mean limited internet and connection, a threat that may seem to overshadow your experience. Hence, to ensure that you feel absolutely safe and secure during your journey in Nepal, we make sure of using professional equipment during expeditions, providing you with trusted accommodation, clean food, and guides with first aid training. Our guides are also very quick if emergent situations strike, so you can be assured on your trip is a smooth travel.