About Us

There is a great difference between visiting a place and experiencing it. While experience, you do not just take in the place with your eyes but immerse yourself into the journey. A good travel experience is imprinted in your mind for a lifetime that changes you and ultimately provides great joy. Himalayan Treasure Trekking gives you this very authentic travel experience.

Established in 2003, we have delivered authentic services with well-trained staff members by practicing the essence of traveling. Our affinity to Nepal and aspiration of the whole team to share the magnificence the country is pretty much what drive us to conduct trips of supreme quality. Associated with renowned agencies like Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) in Nepali tourism, the company has managed to polish itself over the years to provide services that help you take every step in Nepal. Our years of experience allow us to recognize and meet your traveling needs. The tried and tested approaches leave little to no room for errors ensuring a smooth journey. Being a socially responsible company, Himalayan Treasure Trekking leaves no stone unturned to return to its roots and moral benchmarks. We offer communal services of various kinds so that the locals can feel tourism and its impact on their lives.

The co-founders simply did not want to start a company for namesake. They wanted to invest their collective tourism experience and take an initiative that recognized a traveler’s needs. With each co-founder coming into the company with their own kind of experience, they have managed to take the company at the forefront of tourism changing the course the tourism industry in Nepal. Together with the help of an even more supportive team, we have built a company that understands our travelers and delivers exactly what they need.

Team Profile

Furi Geljen Sherpa
Co-Founder and Chairman

For Mr. Furi Geljen Sherpa, working in the field of tourism ran in the family. His love for tourism was transferred to him from his family and hugely so as his father was Mr. Ngatemba Sherpa- 13 times Everest Summiteer. There was no doubt on Mr. Furi’s mind that he would help support and grow this lineage. Years later, he has built a name for himself in the industry. Today, he is the board member of NATTA-2018/2019 and was an executive of TAAN.

Apart from being the co-founder of Himalayan Treasure Trekking, he is also the Chairman of Himalayan Treasure Trekking. He, in the years of becoming an expert in the field, garnered plentiful of understanding and skills about the industry that he has transferred to the workforce at the company. A highly trained and respected figure in the industry Mr. Furi has taken the influence from his father, his love the Himalayas and helped build a strong company that has helped tourism reach new heights. His guidance in the company is highly valued and he has undoubtedly helped the company build many core competencies. What ran in his blood streams has now also been injected into lives of many and yet, he never seems to slow down on his desire to take one more step forward.

Lakpa Sherpa
Co-founder and Managing Director

Born in the laps of the Himalayas, Mr. Lakpa Sherpa was both intimidated and seduced by the sheer charm of the colossal giants. He knew early on that the mountains and traveling would be a part of his life and looking at his impact and lifestyle it would not be far off saying that he was absolutely correct. Having grown up in the beautiful rural gem in Nepal, he knew the power nature held in shaping a travel experience. Now, as the Co-founder and Managing Director of the company he is working to transfer this love of the Himalayas to all the travelers that come to Himalayan Treasure Trekking. He boasts years of mountaineering experience and accreditation from prestigious mountaineering institutes like Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) in Darjeeling. Having also worked as an instructor at HMI, many have learned from his expertise over the years. With fluency in both the English and Japanese languages, under his training, the workforce of Himalayan Treasure Trekking has flourished. He has helped the workforce gain confidence and expertise that help them run smooth traveling experiences.