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Your thirst for adventure, thrill, and travel has been duly recognized and we, at Himalayan Treasure Trekking, have long been in the business of addressing the needs of souls like yourself.

A beautiful nation, Nepal is affluent on every aspect, be it social, cultural, or the most obvious of all- natural. Himalayan Treasure Trekking, primarily a travel agency, has been at the forefront of Nepali Tourism adept at being a friend, a companion, and a guide to help you have the best of Nepal.

Years of research, planning, and competent workforce have been in the field to craft our trip packages that include treks, expeditions, tours, peak climbing, adventure sports, and much more.

Traveling and the love to do so is the same for people of all kinds. Our trips are of various sorts and offer everyone a trip similar to their liking. Also, the moral grounds of our establishment and operation allows us to have a conscience full of gratitude to the travelers and the societies of our destinations alike.

Experience Himalayas like never before!